Nursery School
The North Salem Nursery School was founded in 1968 to meet the need for quality preschool education in North Salem and neighboring communities. It is sponsored by St. James and operated by an autonomous Board of Directors on a non-denominational basis. The school is housed on the first floor in the newly completed St. James Village Hall.

The curriculum is centered on learning through developmentally appropriate activities for children at various skill levels. In a welcoming, nurturing environment, children gain confidence in their abilities and are better prepared for entry into kindergarten. The program includes language proficiency, hands on crafts, music, math, science, local and national history. Annual field trips are held each year to acquaint the students into the community at large.

Church School
We offer opportunities for children, teens and families to experience and learn the joys, challenges and relevance of the Christian faith. We encourage all to participate in the Sunday service regardless of age and we enjoy a vibrant lively Sunday School for our children after the Gospel at the 10:30 am service where song, stories and art reflect the lessons of the day. The Children’s Annual Christmas Pageant is a highlight of the liturgical year.

Baby Sitting
Nursery Care is offered for children under the age of three during the 10:30am service.

The sacrament of Confirmation is an important event for the entire parish and is usually held in the spring. Confirmation classes are given every few years, our last class was in spring 2015.

The acolyte ministry is one of the oldest in the church, dating to the earliest years, and is open to any youth in grades 7 through 12. An acolyte performs a variety of assignments, including leading the processional and recessional by carrying a cross or torch and assisting at the altar during the Eucharist. Acolytes attend a mandatory training session and are assigned to serve approximately twice a month, primarily at the 10:30am service.

Youth Group

The Youth Group at St. James exists to encourage North Salem adolescents and teens to do good works within and around the community. Specific goals include:
-To foster a sense of responsibility and commitment to community;
-To provide opportunities for North Salem youth to take an active role in making their community better and stronger;
-To facilitate an understanding of the importance of individual and group efforts in effecting change;

Activities include community service events, conversation and experiential activities such as Midnight Runs in Manhattan to serve the homeless, cooking and dining together, and rafting and hiking activities.

Who can join? Anyone in grades 7 and higher. You do not need to be a member of St. James. While the Youth group is not overtly religious, we hope to create a safe, sacred place for conversation, fun and learning of all kinds. This is a tremendous time of transition and change for young people and we do want to explore key areas of concern; Self, Spirituality and Society. We hope you will join us on this journey. Please ask your kids if they would like to check us out, pass this on to anyone you think would enjoy these experiences. We encourage your kids to come to events with their friends.

Adult Forum
This discussion group is open to all and meets at 9:30 am on most Sunday mornings to discuss various topics in scripture and all religions. It is a wonderful opportunity to explore more deeply the mystical and historical aspects of faith.

Bible Study
This discussion group meets every other Saturday at 9:00 am and explores Scripture and its implications in our contemporary life.

Is a national renewal movement in the Roman Catholic and Episcopal churches. Cursillo involves a weekend commitment for a “short course” in faith.