The Episcopal Church
St. James is part of the Episcopal Church USA and the worldwide Anglican Communion. The Anglican Communion totals more than 70 million members in 164 countries, all of whom trace their roots to the Church of England.

Diocese of New York
The basic unit of ministry in the Episcopal Church is the diocese. St. James is one of 200 congregations in the Diocese of New York. Each diocese is presided over by a diocesan bishop. The Right Rev. Andrew Dietsche is the Diocesan Bishop of New York. Each parish in the diocese sends representatives to the Annual Diocesan Convention where budget, mission and ministry priorities for the upcoming year are agreed upon.


Interim Pastor: Fr. Stephen Holton
Father Steve Holton is our Interim Pastor, leading us through a period of discerning who we are called to be in God’s future. His wife Charlotte sings semi-professionally and owns a business. He has two sons.

Fr. Steve became a priest in 1989 after serving among the Korean community in Los Angeles, and with homeless people in Hollywood, shortly after graduating from Haverford College. It was in LA that he discerned his call – that, homeless or settled, you need your dignity; and then you can plan your own future. Scripture, Prayer and Community provide a holy place for this internal spiritual work for all of us. He has served as a parish priest in New York City, and for 18 years in Ossining in Westchester County.

Recently Fr. Steve helped organize “#WeWalkTogether: A Multi-Faith Service for the Victims of Violent Extremism.” Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders prayed, sang, read scripture, and spoke of the compassionate spirit of all our Faiths. Fr. Steve’s recent advanced degree from General Seminary shows how the spirit of hospitality, at the heart of the Episcopal tradition, leads us to share gifts with all

Fr. Steve directs “Warriors of the Dream” at St. Philip’s, Harlem. People of many backgrounds, broken and successful, share their spirits through prayer, drumming, food, and the sacred words of the heart.

Here at St. James, a warm community of seekers, dedicated to caring for each other and their larger world, in the guidance of the Spirit of God – with the beauty of music, and the nourishment of the Eucharistic table – awaits you on your journey. May we seek God, and enjoy the journey, together.

Fr. Steve may be reached at the Parish Office for pastoral care and spiritual conversation.

The Vestry 
The Vestry is the governing board of all Episcopal parishes. In the Diocese of New York, it is made up of the rector, two wardens and a number of vestry members who, together are elected at the parish’s annual meeting by the congregation. The vestry manages the property, budget and operations of the parish. A clerk and treasurer also serve the vestry.

2016 Vestry
Diane Cikoski – Warden
Josh Leicht – Warden
Jim Gadsden
Andrea Good
Barbara Howard
Heather Ostman
Amy Wiegelman

Music Director: Michael Mulder
Dr. Michael Mulder has been the organist at St. James Episcopal Church since 2007 and the choir director since 2013. He has been performing music in churches since he played regularly in his parents’ church as a teenager in Las Vegas. Michael also teaches band in the Bedford Central School District at both Mount Kisco and Pound Ridge Elementary Schools. He has enjoyed a wide variety of roles throughout his professional life including composer (classical, musical theater, and children’s music), university-level music instructor, pianist on the Las Vegas Strip, and author of articles in several specialized music periodicals.

Mike holds the following degrees: a doctorate in composition (University of Toronto), a master’s degree in piano performance (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), a master’s degree in music history (University of Michigan), a master’s degree in Education and Supervision (Baruch College), and a bachelor’s degree in music history (University of Colorado, Boulder).

Acolytes: Stephen Holton
Altar Guild: Susan Romanski
Intercessory Prayer: Diane Cikoski
Lay Readers/Lectors: Stephen Holton
Newsletter Editors: Roe Intrieri, Pam Pooley
N.S. Nursery School: Karen Midkiff
Outreach: Joan Guthrie, Josh Leicht
Parish Administrator: Chris Megerdichian
Pledge Recorder: Ken Citarella
Public Relations /Advertising: Janet Keyes
Quilt Guild: Carolynn Young
Sexton: Richard Rogers
Social Committee: Joan Guthrie, Roe Intrieri, Janet Keyes, Susie Margolin, Chris Megerdichian
Stewardship: Barbara Howard
Sunday School: Suzanne Volpe
Treasurer: Kipp Good
Ushers: Vincent O’Brien
Youth Group: Roe Intrieri, Josh Leicht

Find Us
Church Office Tel. 914-669-5563
Address: P.O. Box 459, North Salem, NY 10560
Email: stjamesch@verizon.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/St-James-Church

St. James Episcopal Church is located In Salem Center, New York, at the corners of June Road and Titicus Road (NYS Route 116). It is best reached from the north by taking Route 121 South (Peach Lake Rd.) off U.S. Interstate Highway 84 (I-84) and from the west or south by taking Route 116 East from U.S. Interstate Highway (I-684). From Ridgefield, Connecticut, take Route 116 West to June Road.